Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Art Sales: 6 steps to make your artist's website sell: "6 steps to make your artist's website sell
By Josse Ford and Daniel Tardent
This article shows you how to use your website to build a solid foundation and system for art sales that will leave you more freedom to actually be an artist! Lets get started.."

Great read guys.. BradW

The Business End of Creativity - Copywriting, Marketing, Advertising, Selling: "You're an expert artist, jewelry maker, graphic designer, or crafter who wants to start making money with your skills. What are some things you need to know about setting up a business and marketing yourself to the world? Or if you're a business owner, what do you need to understand about creativity-related issues in the workplace?"

This a great article guys, check it out. It might just help you make a start.. Brad W