Thursday, September 22, 2005

Drawing Quotes - Quotations About Drawing: "Here is a collection of artist quotes related to drawing, with the exception of a couple of general quotes of interest, such as Cicero's comment on the value of practice. I've long since lost the origin of most of them, but I'll try to remedy this over time, and add more quotes as I find them. They are in no particular order. Try using these for calligraphy practice, or adding something inspirational to your sketchbook or scrapbook. Enjoy! "

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Here are a few more pics guys....
I have posted a few earlier, these are just to add to the ones below.

This was taken during a bit of a drinking session in a backyard at Gympie.
Thats me with that silly grin and the blue cap on.

This shot was taken just outside of Townsville.

Oh, what a life... Thats me, again, having a kip south of Cairns.

Taking pictures of road trains, south of Charters Towers.

Thats Matt Manning on the right (the lead guitarist in our band), me on the left, winding down after a show in Chinchilla.